I am very pleased to say 2 of my book cover illustrations had cover reveals this week !!  Anna Garner’s, ‘Sundaes with Nora’ is the second in the ‘Sweet Dreams’ trilogy and is available now.  Melissa Baldwin’s ‘Wedding Haters’ will be out soon:) .

Find out more about Anna here.

Find out more about Melissa here.


And here is the synopsis for ‘Sundaes with Nora’…

Nora Finch has a sweet life. She’s married to one of San Francisco’s wealthiest venture capitalists, she lives in a gorgeous old Victorian mansion in one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, and she just launched an ice cream business with her two best friends, Cricket and Lindsay.

However…exactly one week after Sweet Dreams opens its doors to the public, Nora’s husband, Kenneth, informs her he wants a divorce.

Talk about bad timing. Now, on top of the tremendous pressure she feels to drive sales, Nora has to deal with the breakdown of her marriage, adjust to a more frugal lifestyle, find a new place to live and prepare to dip her toes in the dating pool for the first time in four years. If that weren’t enough, everyone keeps trying to get her to “process” her feelings. For an overachiever like Nora, juggling the demands of a new business along with a total overhaul of her personal life should be doable…right?


UPDATE: 5th March 2015

‘Wedding Haters’ in now in paperback and will be available within a few days!!!

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