I took the day off today after a busy couple of weeks working on freelance projects to spend some time pottering about in the garden. We have given the garden a complete makeover over the last few weekends after I complained at the beginning of the year that the garden was looked tired and depressed and my lovely hubby (who is saint and already overworked) decided I should have a place of peace and beauty to sit in when I get stressed from coping with my mom. She is suffering from severe dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.  She goes to a wonderful daycare centre for a few hours each weekend and so we have been using our free time to tackle the garden. It’s not a large garden as you can see but there was still so much to do. We replaced some old paving slabs on the raised pond area with black composite decking, made new paths, build a seating area on which I am standing to take this photo and on which we have table and chairs at one end and a hanging egg chair at the other.  I sit in this chair almost morning, even in the winter with a blanket wrapped round me and my warmest coat on, so long as it’s not actually raining or snowing and I meditate.


The work over the last few weeks has been backbreaking really but after the last job, spreading one ton of topsoil and laying a new lawn, the garden is finally finished and I can officially potter!

I made a couple of Kokedamas today to hang from my favourite tree (very left edge of pic).  A lovely red Geum one and a Acaena one. They turned out really well and are really easy to make.

Tomorrow it is back to work and I will be starting on a new cover, more news to come on that one soon but in the mean time, I am very pleased to have recently completed two more covers, well actually three but one is not due for release for a couple of months.

The first one is a new look cover for Melissa Baldwin’s first book “An Event to Remember…or Forget”.  (above left) This is the second cover I have produced for Melissa. The first one is shown below.

As “Wedding Hater’s” is the sequel to “An Event to Remember…or Forget”  I designed the covers to work in harmony with each other.

“Wedding Hater’s” is available as a book or ebook here and “An Event to Remember…or Forget” (also available as a book or ebook) can be found here.

Wedding Haters

For “Catching Helena Handbasket” Lily wanted something bight and eye-catching she sent me a short synopsis and I could immediately see the scene in my head that became the final cover.

Have to say I love Helena’s hair, wish I could get mine like that, unfortunately it’s always been too fine and straggly to do much with, as you can see in the updated vector of yours truly that I produced for the ‘Meet the Team’ page on Natalie’s new site  www.sfmprintables.com