Latest Update

It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been busy with lots of new covers. The two above, I think, are my favorites. I’ll be posting more soon. I’ve been out of town a lot, my lovely hubby and I rented a little cornish cottage in St Ives, Cornwall for a few weeks but […]

Summer in Cheshire

I took the day off today after a busy couple of weeks working on freelance projects to spend some time pottering about in the garden. We have given the garden a complete makeover over the last few weekends after I complained at the beginning of the year that the garden was looked tired and depressed and my […]

Latest Book Covers

I have been super busy over the last few weeks again with 4 new book cover illustrations to work on, 2 of them have now had cover reveals, Becky Monson’s “Speak Now …or forever hold your peace” will be available soon and Geralyn Corcillo’s “All Summer on a Date” was revealed just today and is available at […]

Two New Book Covers

I am very pleased to say 2 of my book cover illustrations had cover reveals this week !! Anna Garner’s, ‘Sundaes with Nora’ is the second in the ‘Sweet Dreams’ trilogy and is available now. Melissa Baldwin’s ‘Wedding Haters’ will be out soon:) .

Global Colours

This is just a simple tip for making the colours on your illustrations very easy to change should you want or need to change them. Seriously, this could save you hours of colour editing if, for example, you have produced a highly detailed illustration and your client just wants you to adjust or even slightly tweak a colour tone or two that you have used multiple times throughout your work. ►

Elearnis Training Programme

I very much enjoyed completing a series of illustrations for Elearnis France recently. I provided a few different poses and facial expressions so that the figures could be animated for an interactive training programme. I am really pleased with the result. Shown are a couple of screen shots but the interactive learning programme can be seen in full by clicking… ►


Having been really busy with freelance work for the last couple of months or so I haven’t had any spare time to work on any illustrations for myself, so I have decided it’s time for me to take a break from it for a while and work on some personal illustrations just for me. I may add this one to my portfolio at iStock but I didn’t draw it for that purpose so I’m not at all certain I will do that. ►